Bangus and Nasi Lemak (Part 2)

While you much on the fish and the poultry, I must tell you something: I love writing. That's an understatement. I LOVE WRITING. Stories, I mean.

But I write codes for a living. HTML, jQuery, a bit of CSS, a bit of PHP.

Well, this coming year, I shall do both. Write stories as well as code. I shall be an author by night, a coder by day. Hey - I've got bills to pay. And I've got car loans and a future to save up for as well.

But I've also got big dreams and a lot of words swirling around the creases of my imaginative mind.

You must know that I've been going back to writing last year. I took up a 30 Day Challenge which I finished in up 11 months. So this year, I shall write more seriously. I shall write more frequently as well.

Which brings us to Stories from Distant Shores. "Write what you know," they say. Well. I know about the joys and the sorrows of living in a faraway land. I know about the twists and turns your tastebuds (and stomach) can form when you try new varieties of food. I know about immigration officers, losing passports, and getting quarantined inside hospitals because of positive AH1N1 tests.

And so I shall write these things down. Perhaps not in chronological order. But randomly, as our trains of thoughts in actuality are.

So there. I hope you'll enjoy this blog as much as you have enjoyed that bangus and nasi lemak.