Christmas Far Away

Is not so bad.

A good friend and I prepared a simple Noche Buena for the 24th. Then we watched Brave and Love Actually. Brave because I hadn't seen it; Love Actually because we wanted something with a Christmas theme and she hadn't seen it -- and because we weren't able to find a copy of Home Alone 1, 2, & 3.

I got to Skype with my family 30 minutes before midnight. Thank God for technology. They tried to feed me  a stick of barbeque but the food couldn't get through.

My friend and I had a joyful midnight feast afterwards. Then we went to sleep. And prepared for another feast when we woke up the following day.

Note to self: Salt and pepper is enough for a salty Pinoy Chicken Adobo. Adding an extra chicken cube will make it extra salty. Tsk. Malaysian soy sauce is a bit sweet, so I felt I had to add more salt. But again. Salt and pepper is enough. I know that now.

So we ate and watched TV movies at Ate Di's house. A true blue hibernation day. 

It's back to work again tomorrow. But I am truly thankful for today - and for yesterday. I got some well deserved rest. I got to hang out with friends. I got to see a webcam video of my family. And I got to eat lots and lots of chocolate and lots and lots of marshmallows, too.

I'm thankful for Christmas. It's the day we remember that God became man (God Incarnate for a time), showing His great love for humanity. It's the day we spend time with friends and family. It's the day we celebrate His great love.

No matter how we celebrate it, as long as we celebrate His amazing love, we will truly be merry.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Lots and lots of chocolate. Lots and lots of marshmallows, too.