Life of Pi

Life of Pi was AWESOME. I'm planning to write a review (well, more like thoughts and insights) about the book-turned-film but perhaps I shall pen it down tomorrow. Or tonight, before 3 AM. But I'll probably publish it in So stay tuned. In the meantime, here is the trailer:

Again, I tell you, it was AWESOME.

After we watched the movie, we went shoe shopping. And laksa hunting. And garter + candle scouring. Don't ask. We wanted to find some garter for Ate Di's skirt project but the salesladies kept pointing us to the section where they held, uhh, rubber bands. And then later we wanted to find candles for a candlelit Noche Buena but they pointed us to the birthday candle section. Oh. Kay.

Anybody know where to find skirt garters and long candles in Malaysia?

Anyway. Life of Pi was AWESOME!!!

Note: I finally got around to writing my impression/review. Read all about it here: