How to Survive Homesickness and Alone-ness

The house is empty again. It gets like this every once in a while. Every other while it's packed full of people, packed full of guests, packed full of family and friends.

But tonight is one of those nights again. One of those nights when all I have are God and words to keep me company. But I happy with God. I am happy with words. Yet sometimes...

Alright, people. Here's how you survive homesickness and frequent bouts of alone-ness:

  1. Be productive. Find a hobby. Create. Do you like cooking? Do you like painting? Do you like photography or gardening? Bake a cake. Paint a picture. Experiment with lights and textures, produce your own organic vegetables. I love to write and I find joy in playing around with words thus this blog and my other blog at Now you know why I'm able to write so frequently even though I also have a full time job!
  2. Be lost in wonder. Ride a train (when it's not rush hour). Drive forever. Read a book and find yourself exploring a whole new world.
  3. Surround yourself with friends! Online and offline ones. Laugh no matter how disgusting your lunch topic is (armpit hair, anyone?). Cry no matter how far away the people typing the words into your chat screens are.
  4. Be thankful. Count your blessings. Praise God in every circumstance.
  5. At the risk of sounding too spiritual, communicate with God. He is our ever present Friend and Comforter. 
  6. Do the things you're supposed to do! If you have a mission in life, do it! Don't idle around. Don't procrastinate. Don't dwell in your pity party. "Delays are costly!" so just get up and walk. 

Well, that's all I can come up with, so far. How about you? Any tips and trades to make homesick folks unblue?

Puppydog/Pussycat Eyes. Drama lang to. See? I'm not blue.