Kajang Part 2: Singgalang is Gone!

Singgalang's gone. Half of what used to be our favourite lunch house has now been occupied by Rico Rinaldi (the guy who sewed my bridesmaid's dress for the TM wedding) and an unknown eatery.

It's a bit sad because I've had some pretty good memories there in that Indonesian resto. They had this pretty good beef - grilled and topped with vinegar-like sauce, onions, and chilli. They also had this petai which my friends fooled me into eating by itself. It's better eaten with sambal or some other spicy dish, but... well, let's just say it was like an initiation to the Malaysian experience. But more than that, Singgalang was a place where new friendships were established, where dreams were dreamed, and where visions were casted.

The beef.

Sigh. Goodbyes. We all have to deal with them.

We said farewell to Kajang. Bye to our old house. Bye to the now bigger but slightly crampy-er grocery shop. Bye to the Internet shop we used to frequent.

2013. It's a new year. A new season.

Right now, we have a new territory to conquer.