Penang Trip Part 2: George Town

January 2, 2013

Oh Best Beloved,

We went around George Town by foot today. We left Caleb at the hotel parking lot and followed the map I downloaded from a Penang tourism website. Guess what? The map was very informative! I became an instant tour guide. When we reached a spot marked on the map, I read the accompanying description-slash-information and viola! It granted us an instant appreciation of the place. 

Here are some noteworthy spots we got to see there:

One of the murals (sort of like Easter Eggs
you will have to go looking for) painted on one of the buildings there.

Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion. There were guided tours
but we chose to just take pictures from outside.

Yes, I just had to take a picture of this.

Town hall. Reminds me of Baker Hall in UPLB.

This fountain looks awfully dreamy and romantic, don't you think?

City Hall. They had one right next to the town hall.

A panoramic shot of the esplanade.

Fort Cornwallis.

Queen Victoria's Clock Tower. It is 60 feet tall.
Each foot represents a year in the Queen V's reign.

Of course, I took so much more pictures - more pictures than the one included in this letter here. But I shall show them to you personally soon.

I hope I can come back to George Town. I think we were only able to explore a quarter of it today. Tomorrow we'll just buy souvenirs and then it's back to KL, but I'd still like to find the other murals and explore the jetty, too.

Perhaps you'll be the one to drive me here next time?



P.S. I haven't written about Penang food yet. I shall tell you about them in my next letter. :)