Penang Trip Part 3: Wantan and Coffee

January 3, 2013

Oh Best Beloved,

Another reason why I would love to come back to Penang would be because I would still like to try out more George Town food. Don't get me wrong - I loved the briyani, wantan, kuey teow, and kopi that we had there. But I have heard rave reviews about their hawker dishes. I resolve to try more stuff should I find myself wandering around the streets of George Town again.

The wantan and coffee (kopi panas) were my favourite orders from the trip. I ordered dry wantan mee but had some sort of a misunderstanding with the stall keeper so I got this instead:

I don't know what this is exactly. Dad gave me some of his noodles since it was mostly dumplings bathing in yummy soup.

The coffee was heavenly. It was thick, tasted of coffee, margarine, and chocolate at the same time and - you have to try it yourself. Oh, but wait. You can't drink coffee. :(

Well. Satisfy yourself with this photo instead.

That's all for the Penang Trip. We travelled from George Town to LCCT that afternoon (406 km this time - took me 6 hours and 30 minutes again) and now - well, now I have to sleep because I have to go to work again tomorrow.

I hope you liked the stories.

Sweet dreaming,