79 Days

79 days. 11 weeks. A little less than 3 months. Yes, people, I'm counting down.

Three-point-something years in Malaysia and I still get waves of homesickness hitting me every now and again. Waves of "why does everyone have to be so far away???" and "can I go home right now and never come back?" and "God, remind me why I decided to come to Malaysia in the first place???" ebbing and flowing like the waters in the Pacific shore.

Don't worry about me, those feelings come and go. There are just days when they are more intense than others. Like last night. I think I just slept everything off.

I love Malaysia. I love what I'm doing here. I believe there is a purpose and a reason why I'm here right now, in this very moment in time. Pinili ko ito. Desisiyon ko ito. Paninindigan ko ito. Kayang-kaya ko ito.


Well, I'm looking forward to going back home for a short break. I've got a wedding to attend to, you see. Hmmm. More people should schedule more weddings so that I'll have more excuses to go home. I'm game as long as I have money to spare and my passport at care. Yikes. Those were very bad rhymes. I get like that when I'm all sentimental.

Oh well. 79 days to go.

Counting down.