Letters From Long Ago Part 1: Melancholy Walks

I went through some letters I sent to my friends way back in 2009. I loved writing letters. I stopped doing it somewhere along the way. Everyone became too busy, I guess. I became too busy.

Well, here's an excerpt from one letter, dated October 16, 2009. I wrote very long letters. Thus, I shall divide the excerpt in two parts. LOL. Here you go:

A "piece" of the actual letter.

"...I went on a walkathon around UKM yesterday (and the day before that). Walked from Za'ba to the engineering, to the Fakulti of Linguistiks, to Burhan, to Pusanika, to the library, to the Fakulti of Sains and Teknologi (past the monyets, yeah!), to a couple of Kolejes, back to Burhan, and then back to the usual route to Za'ba. The walk takes about an hour or so, but I love it because I get to think about a lot of things, and I get to release a lot of things din sa walk(s) na yon. Yeah, [M]ari is so melan. Hehe. But there really is something about sunsets and big red taxis speeding away that makes you get so lost in thought, right?

"Wala lang. :) I just got to think bout life, what makes life beautiful, what makes life dangerously hilarious (the monyets are to blame for that thought, Hahaha), what makes life worthwhile... A lot of melancholic things. Haha. Sige na nga, baka mahawaan ko pa kayo ng aking pagkamelan. :P"

Gosh. This makes me miss writing those long letters. Stay tuned for part two on Thursday.