Letters From Long Ago Part 2: Smile

Here's part two of the letter excerpt I shared last Tuesday. Wow. I was so encouraging. I hope I'm still this encouraging up to now. :)

The real deal.

"..I wrote Tita Coco a letter bout that this morning. There's this thought that I shared to her that I want to share to y'all as well. :)

"I love the part when I get to [B]urhan because there are a couple of trees there with these flowers - di naman bonggang bongga yung flowers. That's what I love most about it. They're simple and delicate, but you'll notice them because all the other trees in that area are flowerless. But amidst all those flowerless trees - well, ayun, bigla mo nalang makikita yung pretty na flowers na yon. And they do make my day.

"Kasi I'm reminded that really, some of the things that make me smile are the simple things.

"Like sunsets and long walks. Like simple and delicate flowers. Like sincere and genuine smiles. :)

"What makes you smile? Never ever take those things for granted. :) Whether it's a good friend you can laugh with and cry with, whether it's a spiritual son or daughter whose journey in the Lord would always serve as an inspiration to you, whether it's a spiritual dad or mum who'll love you till the end... or whether it's that ice cream cone, that cup of coffee..that simple flower, that setting sun... or that simple kiss and embrace from Daddy God."

I guess I also need this letter to remind myself now to keep on smiling no matter what. 

So let's all keep smiling, shall we?