KTV in Malaysia

Would you believe that, after all these years of living in Malaysia, it was only last Saturday that I was able to step into a Malaysian KTV bar? I kid you not. It was definitely a first.

I think what scared me off before was the thought that the song selections might not include English songs (just Malay and Chinese ones). But lo and behold! Neway Karaoke Box Malaysia had not only a collection of English songs, but Tagalog songs as well!

Partner-in-Crime and I sang our hearts out with some friends we made from singing last December in the Philippine Embassy Choir. We took advantage of the Normal Hour package, the one that included a dinner buffet. Yeah, it was a bit pricey. But there was so much food! And we partied from 7pm to midnight, so it was all worth the Ringgits spent.

Pick a song.

So happy that my face looks like a very round smiley.

With Partner-in-Crime.

Just singing out.

And singing out some more.


I am definitely going to go karaoke-ing again.