Singapore: Just a Stone's Throw Away

26 March 2013

Oh Best Beloved,

Singapore's just a stone thrown away from Malaysia. We went there last Sunday to attend a child dedication and church anniversary. I had work that Saturday so I just took an evening flight, arriving at around 8:00 PM. And then my friends and I all took a 10:00 PM bus back to Malaysia the following night.

It was fun but tiring. We got back to Malaysia at around 3:00-4:00 Monday morning so I did nothing but sleep the entire night through when I got home yesterday after work. Now I have a slight headache. And a stiff neck. It's so hard to drive when you have a stiff neck.

But we had a blast in Sg. Didn't get to tour much, though. Didn't need to tour much. We've been going back and forth from My to Sg for quite a while already. So I'll just share some photos taken from last time we really toured.

The shots below are from my parents' visit last September 2011. They came over for my MIT graduation ceremony and so we hopped off to Singapore to celebrate afterwards.

Merlion Jr. and Merlion Sr.

A panoramic shot from the Esplanede.

The view from above.


Mari... na bay.

There'll be more Singapore trips to come. Thank God for cheap airfares and affordable bus tickets.

Until next time,