Bali and Babi Guling

It's been 20 days since my last post. Whew. Sorry about that, folks. Been busy programming. Been busy exploring. Been busy eating Babi Guling.

I was in Bali for the first two weeks of April, finishing up something for work. It was a crazy experience. In all honesty, the trip was a lot like eating Babi Guling - tasty, mouthwatering, but extremely fattening - not really good for your health. Babi Guling is roast pig served with Bali spices and sambal. It's the Indonesian version of Lechon Baboy, complete with pork skin, pork rinds, and other unidentifiable pork parts. You'll enjoy it for the most part, but there are portions you can set aside and choose not to swallow.

Like the traffic. Ohmaygulay, the traffic. Now I know why my Indonesian officemate's driving is so frantic.

Oops, wasn't able to get a shot of the contents.

But let's just dwell on the good parts, shall we? Even though we were working, we still got to go around a bit. I'll let the following pictures (and their captions) speak for themselves:

Rice paddies at Bebek Tepi Sawah. Good view, good food!

Seaside dinner at New Matahari Cafe.

Tourist photo with the Batur Volcano in the background.

Bali Rice Terraces. A UNESCO World Heritage Site,
also shown in Eat Pray Love.

Man going around the fields.

Bali Sunset at Ayana Resort.

A temple at Tanah Lot.

Pilgrims. Plus my officemate's elbow.

Setting sun at Tanah Lot.


Some people have asked me if I would go back to Bali, even going as far as asking if I would choose to live there instead. To these I answered, "I'd go back, but just for vacation." Perhaps to do a bit more exploring or to do a bit more relaxing.

But though the predominantly Hindu island is a pretty place... Hmm. With the super high restaurant taxes and the crazy roads and traffic? I'm good staying in Malaysia for now, thank you very much.

Bali's good like Babi Guling is. But you can't really eat Babi Guling everyday. ;)

At least I can't. 

Well, here's to more exploring!