The Historical City of Melaka

29 April 2013

Oh Best Beloved,

I'm missing a certain girl friend who found herself in this part of Southeast Asia last August. Well, I'll see her again this May and I guess we'll be bonding then.

When she came over with her cousin and younger sister, I achieved my first long driving milestone - we drove up a whole two-and-a-half-hours all the way to Melaka! Without a GPS! Haha! I already knew the way after going back and forth between Kuala Lumpur back in 2010 so I just followed the road signs. Then we found a parking lot and went around the historical city on foot.

Melaka is so... Red. Earthly red. I love the colours. It's different from Penang which mostly exudes the colour white. Oh but Melaka is really pretty in it's own way.

First church in Malaysia.

The back view of that beloved friend.


Claiming the land.

The church-turned-fort-turned-gravesite-turned-tourist-spot.
Best beloved, we'll drive up here again next time. I want to eat the cendol and all the delicious Nyonya cuisine. :)