La Trinidad: My Home

Dearest Readers,

Forgive me for being absent these past days. I spent one week in my homeland and spent the next week recuperating, thus the lack of posts. I hope I can make it up to you though. Not with balut, but with these photos from my hometown.

I grew up in La Trinidad, the "Salad Bowl" of The Philippines. It's the valley right next to Baguio City where lots and lots and lots of strawberries and vegetables are grown (now you know why it's a salad bowl).

I spent three days there during my weeklong vacation. And because I made a vow to healthy living, I squeezed in some jogging sessions in two of the mornings I spent there. I just ran around the university across the street from my house - Benguet State University. BSU is my alma mater - I graduated primary and secondary school from that 1++ kilometer long school.

It's so nice to jog around BSU. The air is crisp and cool and you encounter lots of other joggers, too. In the open gymnasium, there's a group of people doing Tae Bo and, in the "Lover's Park", there's a group of elderly women doing Tai Chi as well. How fun was it to see my 85-year-old grandma doing her moves over there at seven in the morning? 

Anyway, I just took a couple of shots while cooling down. Well, here you go folks - my hometown:

BSU Basketball Court.

Getting rusty.

My old route from my school to my house.

The track needs trimming.

Vegetable gardens.


Until the next post, then. Ta-ta for now!