Kuantan Shenanigans

3 June 2013

Oh Best Beloved,

We went on a Kuantan adventure last week. Well, it was more like a "misadventure", to tell you the truth. It was a fun, enjoyable time but we learned a few lessons along the way. Charge it to experience, so they say.

Lesson 1. It's not advisable to do hotel walk-ins when it's a long weekend and when you're going to what is apparently a popular beach destination.

Lesson 2. When doing an online guest house booking, don't do it after 8:00 PM. And don't check in at 11:00 PM. If you do, make sure you know the reception's number hours beforehand.

Lesson 3. Kuantan people are actually friendly folks. They're good help when all important signs are written in Mandarin.

Lesson 4. The GPS is your best friend.

Lesson 5. A child's - particularly a toddler's - health is very erratic. So blessed are the flexible because they will be flexed.

Long story short, we drove 4 hours from KL without a booking, hoping to do a walk-in. All hotels were fully booked so we turned to a guest house near the city. Unfortunately the receptionists were out. Or we just got there too late. 

Hence lessons two to three.

The rooms were nice though. At least we know what we're supposed to do the next time we go there.

And the beach was awesome. We only got to enjoy it for an hour or so because our baby was sick and we decided to go home earlier than planned.

But we still got to take a lot of pretty pictures. So here you go. Pictures from our little adventure-slash-misadventure: 

Teluk Cempedak.

Sand. Sea. Summer.

My little friend.

Why, it's a selfie! Haha.

Bye, Kuantan.

Till next time,