Sosyal Climbing

9 June 2013

Oh Best Beloved,

Because I am so sosyal and all, I (together with my more down to earth friends) hiked up a canopy trail wearing a - would you believe it - dress. Yes, a dress. I felt like Pocahontas. I kept singing "Colors of the Wind" on our way up, just to stay in character.

Seriously, I didn't expect us to be climbing up a trail that rugged. I thought the canopy walk was just accessible via a ladder or staircase of some sort. But no. We had to hike up a rather steep and rocky trail.

Wa poise.

But really. It was nice to get in touch with nature. It was nice to get some exercise too. Just in case you are wondering, the canopy walkway where we went to is the one located in FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia), Kepong. There were some waterfalls there too and it's a nice place to bring kids to (minus the 50,000-step-or-what-felt-like-it hike).

So there. Pictures here. Enjoy!

Sosyal kuno,


500 m. What does 500 m mean???

Dare to cross over?

Pocahontas? Tiger Lily?

Howwwww hiiiiigggghhh does the sycamore growwwwwww...

Pour it out...

The end. Bow.