Blast from the Past: Cambodia

22 July 2013

Oh Best Beloved,

HOMAYGASH. Two weeks to go till ICPM 4! Or three, depending on how you're counting. I have to do something, ASAP. When did time fly by so quickly?

Speaking of time, was it just three years ago that ICPM 1 (the one in Cambodia) happened? It seems like it was just yesterday, yet eons ago at the same time.

I remember Cambodia as a montage of frogs, crickets, pointy temples, pajamas, and tuktuks. Frogs and crickets because they were the the exotic street foods we just had to try out. Pointy temples because there were so many of them around (including the Royal Palace and the hotel we stayed in). Pajamas because wearing them in broad daylight was a status symbol and tuktuks because it was a primary mode of Khmer transportation.

I have a couple of friends changing the world over there in that side of the globe. It would be nice to go and visit them there again someday. And it would be nice to go to Angkor Wat, too, because I wasn't able to go last time. 

Well, until then, let's just reminisce through some pictures. Here are some of the pictures I took from that trip (my N73 was so awesome, you know):

Tuol Sleng:
A public school turned torture place turned genocide museum.
This is a tuktuk.

This is the royal palace.

The mini Angkor Wat was all I was able to see.

Street food! Frogs, crickets, larvae, and bugs to tickle your tongue!

Munching on the exotic delights.  Yum! :D

Those were fun days. I'm anticipating the next visit!

Craving for crickets,