Blast from the Past: Ho Chi Minh City

15 July 2013

Oh Best Beloved,

The ICPM is coming up. Got to get my wallet ready - plane fares are hiking up and I haven't even booked a flight yet! Nonetheless, I'm excited for this trip. Very excited.

The ICPM is always an experience to remember. Last year, we went to Vietnam. The year before that, we just hung out in JB. But the year prior to that, we got to explore the Kingdom of Cambodia. I'll write about that in another letter. Yet, for now, let me share to you some stuff about the most recent ICPM trip.

It was my first time to go to Vietnam. We actually stayed in Vung Tau but we managed to tour around the country's capital during our last day there. Took a lot of fun shots:

Vietnamese women passing by.

A statue somewhere around the city centre.

Notre Dame Cathedral.

Busy day at the post office.

Outside the war memorial museum.

I love the food there. Pho is pho-some! And I love Bun Cha - grilled meat and noodle wrapped with fresh greens. Yum!

The Bun Cha meat.

The veggies.

Dinochicken! Seriously, I forgot the real name.

Gosh, I'd love to go back to Vietnam again. But next time maybe to Hanoi.

Oh Air Asia, please be good to me!

Hoping to be with you in the next trip,