Hazy Port Dickson Weekend

8 July 2013 

Oh Best Beloved,

We went back to Port Dickson some weeks ago to have a family outing. As luck would have it, the haze situation in Malaysia was at its peak during that weekend. (Why do crazy things keep happening to us whenever we go out on family trips?) We still decided to push through with our mini getaway though since we had already booked a hotel (we learned our Kuantan lesson well). Cancelling our reservation would require a fee (boo hoo) so... Well, if worse came to worse, we reasoned we could at least still stay indoors.

Or we could go dallying about wearing gas masks.

Which is exactly what we did because the air pollutant index (API) in Port Dickson rose to 300 plus the Sunday we were there (an API of 100 is already considered unhealthy).

We still had fun though.

For one thing, the hotel we stayed in was actually very pretty. We stayed at Corus Paradise Resort. They have pretty decent rooms and the ones we got were adjoining ones: two families + three single ladies = bonding to the max! The free buffet breakfast was okay. We went there pretty late so the food was almost out but there was nasi lemak, roti canai, mee, milk and cereals, bread, fruits, and some other choices.

What we enjoyed the most though were the fine white sand and the cool outdoor activities. We rode a banana boat! Through the haze! At RM15 per person, the boat was a rather good deal.

I still couldn't help thinking of Stephen King's The Mist while we were there though. By the time we got to KL, the API level had already risen there as well.

Well. It was a weekend to remember. Pictures, pictures, pictures!

The hotel was actually pretty nice.

Low API during the evening.

This is what we looked like the morning after.

"Why is a raven like a writing desk?" - Lewis Carroll

So... Misty. Err, hazy.

What's happening, Mr. Sun? :(

The lagoon still looked nice.

Well, the atmosphere's clearer now. The haze disappeared after three days or so. I still have my gas mask handy though, just in case the forest fires bring them air pollutants back. :) Hopefully they don't come back.

Now enjoying a non-hazy Malaysia,