Maginhawa Street Food Trip Part 2: The Icecreamist

After having lunch at Blacksoup Cafe + Artspace, A and I decided to go to The Icecreamist. It was warm  summer day. I have a sweet tooth. So hey - why not? A lot of friends also recommended the place so we thought we'd give it a try.

Pointing to the menu.
We ordered French Macaroons and Tiramisu (of the Dragon's Breath variety). We wanted Smores but they didn't have any that day. Well, the sugar lover in me still felt very happy.

So what's with the Dragon's Breath label? Apparently, you turn into a dragon after savoring those sweet treats:


Haha. Don't worry, that's not cigarette smoke coming out of my mouth and nostrils. The "smoke" is caused by condensation* - or is it vaporization? I've forgotten everything from my high school chemistry! Whatever. Anyway, you have to dip the treats into liquid nitrogen first which makes the macaroon/tiramisu extremely cold and crunchy. And when you start chewing - viola! Smoke comes out of your mouth the way it does in a cool winter day.

Sweets + Liquid Nitrogen.

Wasn't able to try their icecream though. Maybe next time? 

Like something out of a sci fi movie.

*Aha! So I did get the condensation thing right: