On Elephants and TiGer Shows

19 August 2013

Oh Best Beloved,

We were in Bangkok, Thailand during the long weekend. But of course, you already know that. We were there for ICPM 4 so we didn't get to tour much. We had one free afternoon, though, and the stories I shall share will come from that time of exploring.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Google maps says Damnoen Saduak is 103 kilometers away from Phaya Thai Bangkok. That's a 1-hour-25-minute-or-so ride if you're going at the speed of - something. You do the math. Anyway, since we wanted to try something new and wanted to see something other than the temples of Thailand, we decided to go there and discover what the floating markets were all about.

Imagine a village where the road system is made up of rivers and canals. To get to your next door neighbour, you have to hop on a tiny boat and row yourself over. To buy fruits or groceries, you have to paddle away and haggle with fruit vendors riding small boats themselves. That's Damnoen Saduak.

Water, water everywhere.

Friendly vendor.

Branded items are available. LV and Gucci, anyone?

Going over the selection of fruits.

Monkey Show. We didn't buy much in Damnoen. Mostly, we were in it for the ride. It was fun nonetheless and had us geared up for the next part of our adventure - the monkey show. It was enjoyable but the poor things were tied up while they were doing their routines. What would they say if I told them about the freedom that my monkey friends had in my kolej in UKM?

Poor monkey was bored and tired.

The show was rather short. That's why when our tour guides suggested we go see the TiGer shows next we almost jumped into the opportunity to do so. That is until we realized he wasn't talking about tigers as in the striped, gigantic felines. Oh no. He was talking about ThaiGirls. 

Uh. No thanks.

At least we got to see some elephants.

I promised you I'd catch an elephant!

Royal Palace. We rode back to the city soon after. Most of the temples had already closed down so we said we'd just drop by the outer courts of the Royal Palace before dinner. It's too bad we weren't able to go inside. I could imagine how majestic it was. We only got a shot of the palace's rooftops. It was beautiful, nonetheless.

This was the best shot I could get.

Night Market. We went to the night market after dinner. I didn't dare get any pictures - I was too busy trying to protect my hand bag. We were pretty tired so we didn't do much shopping. As soon as we had bought all the pasalubongs we needed to buy, we were off.

So there you go. Thailand. It was different from the Hat Yai experience. One day I might come back for the temples and the palace.

Missing you,