Crisscrossing Between SG and MY


Patawad, dear readers, for not being able to write here last week. I was in Singapore during the long weekend (Happy Malaysia Day!) and I spent much of the first few days of last week resting.

Strange, right? I was in Singapore for Malaysia Day. If I were Malaysian, that would be very unpatriotic of me, but then again I'm just a foreigner in this foreign land.

Hello, SG.

So anyway, I grabbed the opportunity to travel and visit friends since, by the last quarter of this year, my passport and visa will keep me from getting out of Malaysia again. And I work during Saturday mornings so... Thank God for long weekends.

There comes a stage in your travelling life when people become more important than places. You won't care if you spend the day bumming around at home or if you meet up wherever just as long as you get to spend time with, you know, people close to your heart.

That's exactly what I did.

I can't say that didn't come with a price though. Here I go again with my travelling misadventures. But don't worry, nothing big this time.

I learned that it's very hard to find good parking spots when you're in transit during long weekends. I usually leave my car at Terminal Bersepandu Selatan (at Bandar Tasik Selatan) when I travel. I do this because: (1) I can ride a train to LCCT and KLIA there; and (2) I can ride buses to and from Singapore/Johor Bahru there, too. Parking costs RM 3 per day, it's covered, and security is quite good.

But then again, when everyone in KL is travelling and making balik kampung - be warned. I had to fit Caleb into this non-parking spot next to a Kancil that Saturday. After 30 minutes of circling the two levels. Yeah, there are just two park-able levels (hey wait, can we park at level 4?) so that explains the lack of good parking spots.


Anyway, I got to Singapore in one piece. I was able to leave in one piece, too. It was my first time to ride the bus from Larkin again and not directly from SG like what we did last time. It's cheaper but a bit less convenient when it comes to time because you have to allot some hours into crossing the border. Well, I just slept. Whenever I opened my eyes to take a peep of what was happening outside, all I could see was heavy traffic. The bus left JB at 7:00PM and got to TBS at 1:00AM. So there you go - that's the long weekend traffic for you.

I enjoyed the ride though. It made me feel nostalgic of the long bus rides from Manila to Baguio City, my home town.

Well, that's all for now. I'll be back next year, Singapore.

I wonder where I put my EZ Link?