For the Love of Coffee

Coffee + Art + Music = Bliss. Throw in some ice cream and you'll leave me at a loss for words.

So my officemate told me about the Coffee and Art Fringe Festival Asia 2013 some weeks ago and I promptly marked it down in my calendar. It had the words "coffee" and "art" thrown together in the same sentence so why not?

I imagined going to a cozy coffee shop with funky art displayed on the walls. On easels across the hall. On the tables. On top of the coffee. With jazzy music playing in the background. I should have paid more attention to the even details though, because there wasn't really any of that. But it was still full of awesomeness.

The event ran from September 28-29, 2013 at Publika, a trendy shopping mall in Hartamas. For the love of coffee, Partner-in-Crime and I found ourselves almost hopelessly lost in Jalan Duta because we were driving to the mall with only intuition and Google Maps on our side. We made it there safely, thank God, just in time for the Saturday evening event.

It turns out that the festival involved a lot different coffee companies giving out free coffee. Other companies (soy companies and this one ice cream company) were giving out free samples, too! We tried a few stuff and bought a few too. 

Exhibit A: Milano Cappuccino Trial.

Free taste!

Exhibit B: Fatbaby Salted Ice Cream.

We bought this!

Exhibit C: Vintage Coasters - Freebies when you buy RM 10 worth of Nescafe products.

I <3 Vintage.

There were four bands playing some music at The Square that night. We were only able to watch Juxtaposed's full set. The music was pretty cool. Most of the songs were in Bahasa Melayu. I liked the second to the last song when one of the guys played a bamboo flute and the music sounded all traditional and melancholy.

The band before Juxtaposed. Dead Mushrooms?

The night was worth getting honked at a few times at the roundabouts leading to Publika. Let's do this again!