Baking Adventures

A sweet friend has recently offered to teach us how to bake. She took up baking lessons last year and wanted to continue practicing the saccharine-filled craft. For some reason, she thought of us and felt it would be nice to ask if we'd like to learn how to make yum treats with her as well.

Hmmm. Baking. Cookies. Cakes. Cupcakes. I'm in! I am definitely in!

We've had two sessions so far. First we learned how to make Green Tea Financiers.

Aren't they yum?

Then, some weeks afterwards, we learned how to make Moist Devil's Chocolate Cupcakes.

Even yummier!

Before this, most of my baking consisted of adding eggs, water, and milk to ready-made cake and cookie mixes. But now I learned to make everything from scratch.

Our sensei taught us how to weigh individual ingredients. She taught us how to sift, to fold, to put dollops of whipped cream on top of cupcakes - I'd say that the past two sessions were chock full of fun learning experiences.

We're going to make Halloween treats this October (Or November, depending on how our schedule goes). I'm excited for that!

So now my list of dream house necessities is getting longer. In addition to having a music studio, library, and balcony, I'm going to make sure we get an oven as well. Here's to baking!

Batter up.