For the Love of Books and Literature

Before we went coffee-hunting last week, we actually went library-hunting first. I had decided to go on a literary world tour and my book-loving aunt suggested I go find a library in my area. I thought that was a very good idea. So, since we had actually passed by the Perpustakaan Negara (National Library) when we got lost after our Philharmonic adventure, we decided to go check the book house out last Saturday.

The Perpustakaan Negara is found along Jalan Tun Razak (the same road I use going to KLCC from my place). But, if you are coming from the south of KL like us, you have to make a U-turn after the Kuala Lumpur Heart Institute because the library is found on the "wrong side" of the road.

The library looks like a museum from the outside - it's so pointy! They have three main buildings/towers: 1) Anjung Bestari (Google translates this as "smart porch"! haha!) where the information counter is found; 2) Menara Pusat Maklumat Malaysiana (Malaysian collections?); and 3) Wisma Sejarah where the information lady told us the borrowing process is done.

Yeah, the perpustakaan is so tourist-friendly, I know. Everything's in Bahasa Melayu and I don't think there were any English translations around.

Well, we only got as far as Level 4 in the Anjung Bestari. We didn't go any further because, there, I found my version of heaven: literature from different countries! Oh yeah!

Philippine Lit

Chick Lit

Short Stories Galore

We failed to ask if there was a membership fee. I've still got a lot of things lined up for this last quarter so I couldn't afford too many distractions (nooooooo - I mean I'd probably spend all my weekends there in the library and wouldn't get anything done, so there). Next year, next year.

Stuff I remembered about the library: flip flops, shorts, short skirts, singlets, and spaghetti straps aren't allowed inside (dress decently yo). Parking is free if you park in the uncovered areas and the tandas might be cleaner inside.

I'll see you again next year, perpustakaan!