Get Your Cray On

Crayon Burgers. Who would have thought such things existed? Well, they do. You can find them in SS15 Subang Jaya, Selangor, a couple of twists and turns away from Sunway Pyramid.

My officemates one day decided to be more adventurous with food. I think we got too tired of eating the same old things from the cafeteria upstairs. Thus our journey to Crayon Burger, the first product of that decision.


Apparently, Malaysians have been caught up in a burger craze. Burger joints have recently been popping up all over KL, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya and who knows where else. Crayon Burger contributes color to the furor by giving foodies a range of naturally tinted, thick, mouthwatering burgers to choose from. Are you bored of plain brown burger buns? At Crayon Burger, you have the shades of white, black, green, pink, and - though we didn't catch it in the menu - red as your options.

With so many odd buns to choose from, where were we supposed to start? Well I started with what they said was one of the best sellers on the list: The Zombie Burger. 


Zombie Burgers come in charcoal carbs with black poppy seeds. This one had Swiss cheese, juicy beef patties, and - I'm really bad with food -  I forgot what else. It was a really messy meal! Tall with lots of sauce. But I thought it was yum, though some of my friends thought the bun was quite dry. The buns were thick so I guess that may be a reason why. Well I enjoyed the fries and the cheesy sauce.

The zombie made my hands shake
and made the picture blurred!

I had to hand it to Crayon Burger for their creativity. Their burgers had pretty bizarre names - Zombie Burger, The Boss, Diablo, Frying Nemo... Seriously. And guess what? Though they could have given it a more peculiar name, they even had Peanut Butter and Bacon Burger (peanut butter, jam, bacon, meat patties - wow). I might try that one next time. 

Aside from their crazy names and crazy creations, they also had crazy decorations. They have graffiti walls where people left their marks with colored chalk. It was cool and added character. Though I think it might fit the theme better if they had actual crayons. Perhaps the wall could be covered with plain white writable or peel-able wallpaper? Then the crayon thing could fit in more nicely.

But I did like the artistry and originality:

Where to write?

I used invisible chalk.

Crayon Burger is an interesting place. It's quite pricey though - RM15 and above for a burger and an additional RM5 to make it a set. I think people will keep coming back just to try what the other burger colors and combinations taste like.

So. Who wants to "get your cray on"?