Have a Little Faith in Me

Despite the Philippine government not meeting the peoples' expectations in providing relief to the Yolanda survivors, despite criticisms and complaints raging in online and offline circles, despite lots of agitating things happening inside and outside my country, I must say this week still left me with my faith in humanity intact and even restored.

I prepared a small* donation box where people could drop off goods at my office because I had heard the Philippine Embassy in Kuala Lumpur was accepting donations in kind. There were a lot of stuff in my house that I could give away. And I really wanted to help out as well. So why not invite my colleagues to do the same? I was hesitant about the idea at first, though. I mean, would they really give?

I should really say sorry right now for having such little faith in humanity, for having such little faith in the people I interact with daily.

The number of people who gave surprised me. Not only that, the people who gave surprised me as well. Surprised me more, I should say. I'm going to repent for being judgmental. Those people who I thought would care nothing for a cause such as this? They were the ones who gave the most, the ones who showed more concern than I could ever give them credit for.

They gave clothes, biscuits, canned goods, and bottles of mineral water. Some even gave medical supplies, toiletries, and other gifts. Blankets, bed sheets, and pillowcases just came pouring in. Their response was overwhelming and it's not like I'm part of a really big department.

Round one.

I also had stuff inside the boot.

What's wonderful is that help and support came from people from different countries, from different walks of life. Friends from Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Iran, Germany, and Cambodia just... gave. To the point that I had to go the the Philippine Embassy two times. My car had an overflowing backseat during each batch and it was hard not to get overwhelmed by their hearts, by their generosity. Oh, and I had an awesome spokesperson from Lesotho, too.

So I'm sending out my deepest thanks. Thank you guys for being with us through these trying times. Thank you guys for responding to the call to give. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And thank you for restoring my faith in humanity once again.

Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat.

*yes, that's how big my faith was