Almost a Year

And... it's almost been a year already! Time flies so fast, doesn't it?

Well, a lot has happened this 2013. This blog testifies to that. And to give a round up of the memorable things that occurred this year, let me give this year's top ten entries (well, as of 5 December 2013 anyway):

Ten: On Elephants and TiGer Shows. I'm guessing it's the post-ICPM fever that brought the people here. Sawadee ka!!! Hihi. True, the Bangkok experience was a memorable one. All those TiGer shows and monkey business(es). Yeah.

Nine: Ang Bayan Ko. Philippines, my Philippines. I wrote this blog post shortly after Yolanda happened. It was my way of trying to process what happened but until now, I am still processing. My heart still goes out for my country. Let's keep on declaring God's peace, His love, His covering, and His justice over my beautiful nation.

Eight: The Historical City of Melaka. Hmmm. I wonder what brought people here? Interesting. This was a throwback post from my 2013 travels, but I'm glad people stumbled upon it anyway. One day I'd like to visit Melaka for some artistic and literary exploits. That would be fun!

Seven: KTV in Malaysia. Ahh, I wannna go karaoke again! It was such a long time ago! As I'm writing this, I've been singing along to some boy band tunes being played in this coffee shop. YES. BOY BAND tunes. From the good ol' 90s and early 2000s. I can't believe I still know 90% of the songs by heart. So... who wants to go KTV-ing with me?

Six: S&S Reruns: Change. A rerun makes it to the list. Hmmm. Something that I wrote last 2011 about transition and change? And about bit bit kad rabbits, too.

Five: How to get an OEC from NAIA3. Truth be told, though it's number five in this blog's list, it perpetually holds the top spot in my other blog's. I originally wrote it there and just reposted it here, because I wanted to focus that one on my literary endeavors. People keep heading over there though. And I've found that entry being referenced/cited by some Pinoy forums. Oh well. I'm glad to be of help to my fellow OFWs.  

Four: Petronas Twin Towers. The Petronas Twin Towers are in! Of course, lah. I'd be pretty surprised if they weren't. 

Three: Maginhawa Street Food Trip Part 1: Blacksoup Cafe + Artspace. Maginhawa Street is a pretty special place for me. Those who know me well know why. :) I'm this entry about Blacksoup Cafe + Artspace made it to the third spot. 

Two: On Voting. Oddly enough, this year's Malaysian elections left me inspired and pushed me to exercise my voting privilege for the first time. Philippine politics still continue to make everyone's blood boil, though. Especially with the unfolding of the Pork Barrel Scam. And with the drama (or lack thereof) in the recent senate hearings.

One: Maginhawa Street Food Trip Part 2: The Icecreamist. Lots of people looking for The Icecreamist here, in blogosphere. Welcome and mabuhay to you all! Anyone out there willing to buy me them smores which we never got to taste? No takers (or should I say "givers")? No? None at all? Oh well. Thanks for dropping by anyway. Hope you enjoyed the dragon pictures and hope you were able to enjoy the sweet treats at Maginhawa, too! 

And so that's this year's Top 10. Not so sure if I could still come up with a list next year, though. Blogger records everything by the "now", by days, weeks, months, and then by "all time" views... so how? We'll see where my web dev skills will take me.

Here's to 2013! Looking forward for more entries this 2014!

Not so long ago.