I Love Manglish

Manglish, as in Malaysian English. We got these postcards-slash-coupons from Nando's the other day. I almost let my friend take them home but it's a good thing he didn't. He was visiting from the Philippines - if you read on, you'll see why it won't be of any use to him there.

And it's not just because the whole thing is written in this weird crazy mix of languages:

Transcription with some rough translation:

"Guess what. Nando's is giving out these Just Say Lah postcards, and this one made me think of you! Let me belanja [treat/libre] you 2 pcs Chicken Wings and a bottomles Coca-Cola [oh, yum, let's go!], sure syiok [huh?]. Plus can claim at any Nando's restaurant one. [Try reading that again]. You just show them this postcard, okay liao [oh, so that's how you spell liao]. Eh, don't forget to bring me also lah. [Bring you to Nando's or bring you something from Nando's?]"

"You also got something to say to someone izzit? [Have you? Got you? Errr... Okay, is it.] Go to nandos.com.my/justsaylah and see lah. Lazy ke? Then just scan this code:"

Can you now understand everything, izzit?