The Snowman

Saw this last night on "big screen" at the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra with ate Di Ponce. The animation was projected on screen while the orchestra perform the music live. It was so, so nice to have the music be performed live. It was awesome being able to watch everything from a box seat, too. (Hurray for winning two free tickets from a feedback raffle draw!) It was our second time at the Dewan Philharmonics. I wish I could post photos but doing any sort of recording there isn't allowed. I think we all should, if we can, watch an orchestra live at least once in our lives. It's an entirely different experience seeing how people passionate, dedicated, and disciplined in music play together to create one big, beautiful sound. After playing "The Snowman", the orchestra played a sample from "The Nutcracker" and some good ol' Christmas tunes (with a children's choir singing along). I'm starting to feel the Christmas cheer, over here.