Cafe Hopping, Anyone?

So - 12 days later - happy new year! I am so sorry for this late "first post of the year". But things had been busy. Very busy. Plus, I needed some time to gain momentum. And to contemplate some more about what 2014 has in store.

There are so many things I want to do this year, really. Like write a book. Go to Legoland. Bake more sweet treats. Go on hikes. Volunteer. Discover more of KL. Go Cafe hopping.

Cafe hopping! Who knew there were so many cozy coffee shops here in KL, aside from the popular green, brown, and red franchises? Last year Partner-in-Crime and I went to this cute shop in Bangsar called "Poco Homemade" (note to self: write about that soon). This Saturday, the iPad GPS and I went on an adventure to find "Coffee Famille" in Kota Damansara (another note to self: write about this, too). When I went to the counter to pay, I saw one of these "maps" they had up for grabs.

Tada! Your handy cafe hopping companion! They also have an online version! Yey! (See how four exclamation points are used in succession?) This is bound to make the year more interesting. While discovering new places, I could enjoy the atmosphere and, at the same time, push myself to grab those moments to write, write, and write some more. And this would be a good way to bond with friends who are interested in discovering new coffee nooks, too!

Ohh, I'm getting so giddy and my heart is starting to palpitate already. Now, who wants to grab a cup of coffee with me? 

Mmm. Coffee Famille's "Sweet Dreams"
and cheesecake.