English VS Manglish

An officemate ninja-d the one afternoon last week and someone asked me, "He went back already, ah?"

Without missing a beat, I replied, "Yes, went back already."

Omigosh. I've gone Manglish.

If you understood that we were actually talking about someone who had gone home, congratulations. If not, let me present to you a short but useful list of English to Manglish translations:

  • English: Going home?
    Manglish: Gong back?
  • English: I'll drive you.
    Manglish: Follow my car.
  • English: There's no rice.
    Manglish: The rice is finished.
  • English: Dine in or takeout?
    Manglish: Having here or take away?
  • English: Oh you're sick? Poor you.
    Manglish: You sick? Pity you.
  • English: You're happy, aren't you?
    Manglish: You're happy, isit?

Languages are so weird and funny. That's all I can come up with, so far. Stay tuned for another edition after I get myself into more Manglish conversations!