I've been rolling that word round my tongue for the past few days. Plethora.

It sounds like a very pretty word. It popped into my mind while I was inside a coffee shop, surrounded by a plethora of nations. What sounded like a trio of Iranian BFFs were seated on my right. A group of Chinese Malaysians were a couple of tables away. The woman who served me looked Indian and a Malay couple moments ago had come in, ordering coffee topped with enough whipped cream to send anyone into a diabetic shock. The previous week that I was in there, some students from Africa occupied most of the space. Plethora.

Back home, people's eyes pop out when they see a white person and Koreans are some of the few non-Filipinos scattered about. Here, foreigners are a usual sight. Plethora.

I'd probably use the word more often if the stress was on the "thor". It sounds much dreamier, doesn't it? PleTHORa. But oh well. PLEthora.