Chilli Pan Mee

I have discovered two things: (1) I am a noodles person; and (2) I love chilli pan mee.

Noodles. I mean, I like rice and all, but you don't find me craving for fried rice, or a hot bowl of plain white one. Though occasionally I find myself thinking, "Hmmm, today, I want nasi lemak", it's not as often as the times I suddenly get the craving for char kuey teow, hokien mee, pesto, maggi curry and - wait for it - chilli pan mee.

The first time I had the dish was somehow accidental. A colleague tapau-d (took away) for us since we were doing OT.  "Do you want dinner?" "Yeah, yeah, type, type, type."

I have to admit, the thick noodles topped (then coated when mixed) with chilies, minced pork, poached egg, potato leaves, and anchovies was a happy thought that night, but it wasn't until a few months later that I suddenly found myself thinking over and over to myself, "I want chilli pan mee, I want chilli pan mee, I want chilli pan mee."

Does it help that there are two famous pan mee eateries near my house? Jojo's Little Kitchen and Restoran Super Kitchen are both close by. Noooo.

I mean, how could you not?

If your stomach's okay with spicy, non-halal stuff and you're around my neighborhood, let me know. And then we can perhaps enjoy a big bowl of chilli pan mee together, eh?