She hops on a plane unwittingly infected with AH1N1. A week within settling into university life, she loses her passport, thus jump-starting her journey with policemen and immigration officers. She sits back and enjoys the ride.

She falls in love. She fights off love. She says it's not yet time, there are giants yet to be slayed, monkeys yet to be warded off. She busies herself: writes, conducts tutorials, does her thesis and university work. She believes there is yet another time for lalalalala-love.

She gets an MIT. Would you believe it, an MIT? She lands a job. She marches onstage without setting the lights out. She starts a project that she's pretty excited about.

She doesn't know how things have fallen apart the way they did. Everything was getting along beautifully. Well, okay, not exactly. There were signs. She was half-depressed by the time year three rolled around. But did things have to turn out the way they did? Out comes a song. Stronger through the trials, stronger through the pain. Stronger through the testing, stronger through the rain.

Things are looking up. 13 is not such a bad number, after all. She decides, "It is time", and finally steps into love. She starts working out, starts taking care of herself physically, emotionally, spiritually. She starts going on crazy adventures again. Yes, she decides. It is high time to live again.

So, she's made it this far. She looks back at the blur of buses, trains, highways, and tolls. She's not the same girl who was ambulanced off to the Sungai Buloh hospital, no, not anymore. And she wonders - what does year five and the years after that have in store?