Breaking the Silence

Things have been hushed here for the past month. I've been caught up with the Once Upon a Time series, for one thing. And I think I just didn't have the drive to write.

That's all going to change. Err, minus the Once Upon a Time part - September can't get here fast enough! But I will get back to writing. And I have a lineup of stories I'm really excited to write about. I'll be writing about events and memories that took place during my five years here in Malaysia. I'll be writing about the lessons that accompanied them. I'll be writing as honestly and as transparently as I could. I'll be baring my soul through the blog entries that will follow, knowing full well that the past years did not go to waste.

So that's all for the announcement-slash-teaser. In the meantime, here's a cat picture for you all. Meow.