I Survived AH1N1 (Part 2)

A woman wearing a white tudong took my temperature. She made me drink a glass of water, and then she took my temperature for a second time. An auntie was going through the same process. "My legs are really swollen," she kept complaining. They let her go.

I thought that they would let me go, too. But then the airport nurse approached me and broke the news. "I'm sorry, miss. It seems you may be infected with AH1N1. But we're not sure yet. We have to take you to the hospital to get you tested. If the results are negative, then you can go. But if they're positive, you'll have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days until your treatment is finished."

"But, miss... My bags... my friends... Could you please call this number and tell them what you told me just now?" I had a phone but no Malaysian nor roaming sim card. Thankfully, the nurse was gracious enough to call the number up. They exchanged some words in Bahasa Melayu. Then she hung up. "Okay, Miss Mari, please come and follow me."

I though they were going to take me to a van full of other AH1N1 detainees. I mean, there were probably others who needed to be tested, too, right?

Wrong. I was the van's only passenger. Though I did have two escorts, I think. And of course, there was the driver.

Off we drove out of Sepang, out of the LCCT. One of the escorts attached a siren to the top of the van.

Yep. I was being welcomed to Malaysia in style.

(to be continued)