I Survived AH1N1 (Part 4)

They gave me a couple of minutes, or maybe hours, to prepare my stuff before they transferred me to another room, one filled with other AH1N1 patients. I received a phone call during that interlude. It was my mom and dad.

"Anak! How are you? Are you in the dorm already? Mian gave us this number when we asked how we could contact you. How are you settling in?"

Oh gosh. How was I supposed to break the news to them?

"Uhhh... Hello, Mom - Dad. I have good news and not so good news. The good news is that I am safe and sound here in Malaysia and that I have pretty good accommodations. The bad news is... I'm actually in the hospital. They tested me and found out I'm AH1N1 positive. I have to stay here for a couple of days..."

"Wow... that's... is that so? Okay, you take care, daughter, and let us know hen they let you out."

"Alright, I will. I love you!"

I'm glad my parents were (and and still are) kind and understanding. I'm glad they didn't throw a fit when they found out that I was quarantined in some unknown hospital. I had made a promise to myself that I wouldn't make them worry about me but, oh well, things happen. I just chose to be grateful for them right then and there.

Well, with all that said, I had to hand it to Ate Mian or whoever it was who managed to get a hold of the hospital's phone number.

The morning before moving. See, you can see the telephone.

(to be continued)