Bed and Breakfast + Travel and Tours

I suppose when you live in a foreign, fairly accessible country, you will automatically take on the role of a host and tour guide whenever good friends decide to come and visit. I don't mind. I've seen my pad transform into a Bed and Breakfast + Travel and Tours (thank you, Caleb!) a fair number of times.

"Mamser, our first stop will be at the pink mosque. Yes, the mosque is pink."

I have pictures in the Putra Mosque where you can see me age. Or rather gain weight, then lose weight, then God-help-me-not-to-gain-weight again. But it's my joy to tour people around and show them the fun and beauty Malaysia Truly Asia has to offer. 

"Let's go see the Twin Towers! Let's go to Putrajaya! Let's drive down to Malacca! Do you guys want to go to Bukit Tinggi? Or what about Penang or Laman Seni? Let's go, go, go!"

Much as I love the Malaysian scenery, it is my greater joy, however, to let people try out the local cuisine. Bring in the nasi lemak, the roti canai, the char kuey teow, and the chilli pan mee! You won't want to leave Malaysia after trying those plus the teh tarik from the closest mamak stall!

So, bed and breakfast. Thank God for the abundant sheets and pillows my friends from The Adventure Part 1 left behind.

It looks like we will be back in "business" again pretty soon. We don't charge, though. But you can leave us your smiles and hearts full of gratitude. A free lunch wouldn't hurt either. 

Or you can just leave a tip at the door. ;)