Enjoy Life Part 2: Sing It!

I wanted to be a recording artist back when I was in high school. It was a phase. I went through the "I want to be a doctor" and the "I want to be an accountant" ones, so don't judge me. But, like the "I want to be a writer" stage, I never really grew out of it.

A good thing, though. I now write songs to express myself. When, you know, words stop being enough. Sometimes, you need a little melody,  a little harmony, a little guitar or ukulele to back all the emotions up.

I sing in church. But you won't really sing cheesy songs about boys and love (well, this kind of love) during a worship service. Well, thank God for soundcloud! And thank God for Moonshine's Feedback Open Mic, too!

Feedback Open Mic's tagline is this: "Giving everyone the chance to sing outside their bathrooms." It runs during the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month, at The Bee in Jaya One and Publika, respectively. Sign up begins at 7:00PM and performances start at 8:00PM. Only the first fifteen names get to perform. I've experienced being one of the first and also being one of the last. Performing early and performing late both have their advantages and disadvantages. Well, either way, you get to perform alongside other talented artists in the KL indie music scene!

I first found out about the open mic from a former colleague. Shout outs to her! (You should come back to the open mic again.) After an initial scouting night, I've mustered enough courage to perform covers as well as some original songs the months afterward.

The performances were not perfect. I forgot lyrics every now and again (the lights have that crazy effect, I tell you). I've even hit super wrong chords with the guitar. But every open mic is a chance to get better and every open mic is a chance to share my music with the world. Or KL, or Malaysia, at least.

Drop by The Bee or follow Moonshine Productions if you'd like to do some singing, too. ;)