An Epilogue of Sorts

And so ends our storytelling for The Adventure - Part 1 and The Adventure - Part 2. If I have the time, I might - just might - compile the stories into a mini memoir (a memoirette?).

I had fun chronicling those adventures. It's nice to look back and know that my time in Malaysia was well spent. I lived. I loved. I learned so many things. If I had to go back to my country in one week's time, I will have no regrets because I know I already gave my 100% and perhaps even more. Though I do have several things left to tick off my Malaysian Bucket List. Aiks.

So what happens next? For me and for this blog? Well, for this blog, I've got several posts for Oh Best Beloved lined up. I want to write about our treasure hunt in Penang, my solo Jogjakarta trip, going to Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, walking into fairy tale and movie land in Singapore... I think I'll even write about my being a tourist in my hometown. And I promised to write about Peter's wedding. I think that's going to be my next entry.

As for me, life has taken a different turn this season. You may have noticed I've been writing less and less. And no, Once Upon a Time doesn't have anything to do with it this time. In four words, the whole "It's-getting-harder-to-find-time-to-write" has got something to do with Transition and New Responsibilities. But writing is my first love. I will find time to do this, no matter what.

So thanks for tuning into "The Adventure, So Far". Drop by again next time for a cup of teh tarik while I tell you more stories from these distant shores. :)

Until the next post!