These Days Count

I'm counting down for something big, aside from Christmas, this December. Let's just say there are a whole lot of drastic changes up ahead. Like, it's going to be a brand new adventure.

I can't begin to wrap my head around whatever is coming. I'm terrified, I'm excited, I'm somewhat anxious, I go through several emotional roller coaster rides all day, all week. My mantra is to take it one day at a time. One step at a time.

Writing keeps me sane. I'm keeping a journal again. It has been a long time since I had done that. My diary-keeping habit is of the on-again-off-again-on-again sort. But I think I'm starting to become faithful with it. I'm also reviving this blog. Two months of silence, huh?

This blog, this blog. These stories from distant shores. Will I have to change its page name or let go of it soon? Ooops. Spoiler much.

Allow me to take a deep breath. *BREATHES* There.

There is a huge temptation to just skip through this whole thing and land on the date I'm counting down to. Oh wait, have I written something like this before? Anyway. Yeah, part of me wishes to just breeze through everything - all these preparations, all these emotions - and you know, just get it over with. But today matters. This entire process is important and shouldn't be taken lightly.

I've written a whole list of things I am looking forward to. To calm my nerves a bit. To give me more things to be excited about. I think it's good to do that. To keep in mind that everything I am going through right now will be worth it in the end. Counting down helps, too.

But then, while I am counting the days, I will also make these days count. I kinda wrote a song about that, one time. Listen to These Days Count in Soundcloud?

I know this post sounds a bit like a frenzied, caffeine-filled rant. It sort of is. Perhaps I will be able to write more sane, levelheaded articles next time. But today is not that time.

I will leave you with that one-liner though, as a sticky statement. These days count, my friend.

These days count.

Artwork by Stephanie Baxter. From a little book called "Think happy, be happy."