Closing a Chapter

So I am now going home this December. For good, for the better. We all knew this day would come eventually. I had said I would stay in Malaysia for a minimum of three years. I've now been here for six and a half.

It's time to close this chapter. But how? I chatted with a friend one time and she said we should meet up when I got home to "debrief".

That word. Debrief. It sounds so formal and intimidating. And the other day, I received a lovely gift - a book about "reentry". There's another terrifying word.

Truth be told, I've been allergic to jargons like those. I'd rather not have them thrown in with thoughts of going home. But after reading the reentry book, I found myself relating greatly all through Chapters One to Four (I'm still bookmarked in Chapter 5). "Ahh, all the fears and qualms I've been having these past few months are valid! There were other people who experienced it, too! I'm not overreacting!"

Knowing I have the tendency to feel too much, I believe now that it is best to be prepared. I'm not saying I will be a wreck when I go home. But I can take steps so that the leaving and the homecoming won't take so much of a toll on the emotions.

It's sweet how God himself has also been bringing me full circle. Adrian wrote in one of our exchanges (I will quote you, love):

"I think the Lord wants to show you how things have changed already. All the answers to your prayers. Or the prayers that are yet to be answered pa. The breakthroughs. Or even the breakdowns. He knows how to end a season talaga. And how to start a new one."

And so, as I end this one, I'll be doing a lot of it through this blog. The next two months will mostly be writing therapy for me. But I hope you will still be able to pick up a thing or two from this blog.

Cheers. :)

I will miss this place.