This has been a year of taking action. Of saying "yes" and jumping into the unknown.

So many things happened this year that might not have happened the way they did if I (we) had spent so much time analyzing each situation. Take for example The Midnight LG. The CrossOvers and the water baptisms. The big move(s), the sudden trips, the ticking of things off the bucket list. Things would have been so different this year if I (we) stayed safely hidden in our little corner.

Well, of course there are seasons. God knows very much how I have spent the previous years in hiding, I wondered if there was any hope for light. But those years led up to this one. Now, I am breaking out of every box, just living and jumping.

Not to say I have never calculated risks, pros and cons, and the like. I am a planner. I live by those kinds of lists. But now I won't let those things hold me back.

You see, passion and well-meaning intentions are all amazing. But what will set you apart is this: if you actually jump and take action.

What are those things you've been meaning, wanting to do, but can't seem to get to because of all the risks involved?

I will tell you one thing:

This year's first big jump.