Seven Things that Changed in Me

Debriefing post #3. What were seven things that changed in me?

1. I began to look at the world with a bigger set of eyes. Things are not always in black and white. Things are not always what they seem. The world is so much bigger than UPLB and my academics. Working in an international setting with people having different backgrounds and backstories has been real eye opener.

2. I began to let go of a lot of mindsets about faith and religion and learned to embrace love all the more. At home I was used to a predominantly Roman Catholic setting. Here, I made friends with Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Tribesmen, Christians, and Unreligious people. You gain nothing by arguing with people. Love wins every time.

3. I became more adventurous, taking leaps instead of just talking about things. Hello, open mics, solo trips, literary experiments and all that jazz!

4. Physically, I got fatter then slimmer, got inked, got my hair colored a couple of times, got braces again, will get the braces taken out again by December... basically "Nene" no more.

5. I  began valuing my biological family more. Absence does make the heart grow fonder, noh? And though spiritual families are of great importance, I realized blood is thicker than anything. Come what may, your family will always be your family and the ties you have with them are deep, deep, deep.

6. I became more independent, having had to stand on my own more than a couple of times.

7. I discovered my capacities as a leader. For so long, I forgot I had it in me all along.

I kept saying I was so sweet and naive 6.5 years ago. I think I have grown rougher, tougher, much like the black coffee I drink. But, unlike my regular joe, with a huge dose of sugar, though. Basically, I came to Malaysia as Vanilla Milk. And now, I emerge as Black Coffee with seven spoonfuls of sugar.

I would like to say I changed for the better. I believe change is a necessary constant in all our seasons in life.

Through the years. Guess the year.