This is it

And so we are finally here. It's my last week, my last day in Malaysia. What happens next is still a big blur.

I'm honestly all out of words now. I simply would just like to thank everyone who has been with me on this journey. On shore and offshore, thank you for making this the adventure that this was.

I thank God, most of all, because it was Him who made all these things possible. And it was Him who was and will continue to be with me through it all. "You're the Captain of my soul. You're the Captain of my heart. You see through every end and every start. Like a sailboat, I will follow where Your wind takes me to go." (Little Sailboat by Mari Anjeli)

This is it. Bring on the next adventure.

Jumpa lagi!

Seven Things I Am Looking Forward To

TWO WEEKS. I am leaving Malaysia in TWO WEEKS. Eep. I still don't know if I am prepared enough. I don't suppose we will ever be though. Sometimes, you just have to jump. (Oh shifting voices.)

I still feel a mixture of fear and anxiety, but excitement and the endless sea of possibilities keep me optimistic. With that, though I know there are and will be more of these, here are seven things I am looking forward to, in this journey home:

1. Time with family. A daughter has got to make up for lost time. Now that I've learned how important blood family is, the seven-hour ride home would never be a hassle.

2. Time with Adrian. "Para sa pag-ibig! For love!" Let's see how this short distance relationship will play out.

3. Time with friends and kindred spirits. Friends! Who's up for discussions about life, literature, writing, music, or art??? We'll have plenty of time to meet up!

4. A brand new start, career-wise. Ahhh. Endless possibilities. I am praying for the perfect job to open up.

5. Rest. After a roller coaster ride here in Malaysia, next year will be my seventh year. And on the seventh year, Mari rested. Hence my use of the number seven in these debriefing lists.

6. The opportunity to explore the Philippine Isles. "Tara na, byahe tayo!" Oh time and money, please cooperate with me.

7. A new writing journey. I had thought of parting with this blog once I parted with Malaysia. Since, you know, I would be back in my home shore. But, but, but... noooo. Well, I registered the domain for two years more. Perhaps this will give me the motivation to travel, or even explore Metro Manila? Well, Stories from Distant Shores will remain. And, well, I've been dabbling with poetry this past quarter. I am seeing more poetry projects in the near future. Speaking of which, care to take a peek at my project, In Transit? There'll be more of where that came from.

Seven isn't enough, knowing all the things God has in store for what is up ahead. And I am grateful, knowing there are a lot of good things in store.