Hello there. Welcome to Stories from Distant Shores. My name is Mari and I'm a Filipino web developer working in Malaysia -- an OFW if you may.

I came to Malaysia because of my thirst for adventure. I get fidgety whenever I stay in one place for too long. I  like to grab the opportunities to travel when I can. Yey to promo fares!

I LOVE WRITING. When I'm not writing HTML, CSS, jQuery, and PHP scripts, I write short stories, blogs, and random lists. You'll find most of my literary attempts in www.mariscribbles.com -- my other blog.

Here I shall consolidate my stories -- adventures and misadventures -- in Malaysia, in Southeast Asia, and beyond. There'll be normal everyday shenanigans like encounters with shopkeepers and taxi drivers. There'll be rants and drama about homesickness. There'll be tips and trades for those living the OFW way. There'll be letters from me to you describing new territories conquered or visited.

If you have just happened to stumble upon this blog, I hope you'll find a good enough reason to stay. You can stay updated by grabbing my RSS Feed or by subscribing through email. But if you're just looking around, that's okay, too. I hope you'll find my posts and stories interesting or helpful to you. ^_^

So... I'll see you around?